Favorite Links



Coton de Tulear of Tara (Texas): link to  www.cotondog.com


Cotonica (Indiana) link to



Egyptian Cotons (Illinois):  link to  www.egyptiancotons.com/


Fluffy Acres Cotons (Illinois):  link to  www.fluffyacrescotons.com


Morninglow Cotons (Illinois): link to 



Payzac Cotons (Toronto, Canada):  link to  www.payzaccotondetulear.blogspot.com 


Rock-A-Bye Cotons (Arizona):  link to  www.rockabyecotons.com


Shiloh Cotons (Texas): link to www.shilohcotons.com


Sweet As Sugar Cotons (Illinois): link to  www.sweetassugarcotons.com   


Windy City Coton (Illinois): link to  www.windycitycoton.com 


The North American Coton Club-  UKC Breed Parent Club